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Pertussis is a highly infectious bacterial disease involving the lungs and airways. It is also known as whooping cough.


Rubella (German measles) is a viral infection. In healthy individuals it is usually a mild disease.

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Benefits of vaccination for individuals

Vaccination protects individuals against diseases that could have serious consequences for...

Benefits of vaccination for the community

Vaccination protects the vaccinated persons and those around them who are vulnerable to the diseases...

How vaccines work

Each virus and bacterium triggers a unique response in the immune system involving a specific set of cells in the blood...

Approval of vaccines in the European Union

Before a vaccine can be approved in the EU, it has to undergo rigorous testing by its developer...

When to vaccinate

Vaccines protect people during different stages of life. Vaccines are recommended for different age...

Vaccine effectiveness

A vaccine's ability to prevent a specific disease determines its effectiveness.